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Connected Lighting for Better Living

You can set your lighting throughout the day to help support more natural and human centric transitions. Tuning your electrical light to work with your natural or circadian rhythm is thought to bring about better performance, health and wellness by subconsciously signaling the brain’s primordial response to light tone and activity.
Set your early morning lighting to gently raise your blood pressure with warm lighting that gradually brightens to the cooler and higher CCT levels that are best for coordination, alertness and tasks. And later in the evening have the gentle warmer temperatures that prepare the body and mind for repair and sleep progressively transition the day to an end.
While circadian rhythm has been observed for centuries, it has recently become a topic of trend in lighting design and adopted in healthcare, airports and other commercial lighting design. With STARFISH™ you can add it to your home as well.
By using the group features in STARFISH™ you are able to set areas to transition with the natural course of your day. Change the light tones and timing to vary with seasons, or enhance your activities, moods and tasks by selecting light temperatures and colors that connect with your natural rhythm. 

STARFISH™ smart lighting is all about being connected for better living.

STARFISH™ is a SATCO brand