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STARFISHâ„¢ Adds Security and Safety

STARFISH™ smart lighting can be a valuable addition to your home’s safety and security.

At its very basic level STARFISH™ scheduling and programming allows the for ability to set, control and schedule lighting that more closely mimics realistic usage than that of traditional timers, giving the appearance of occupancy while away. And whether you set your lights to turn on when you arrive home, or use your mobile device to ensure a safe and well-lit entry, these basic conveniences are easily programmed through your STARFISH™ app.

The ability of STARFISH™ to integrate with technologies such as Alexa, Hey Google, SmartThings and other devices, adds voice control and IFTT (IF THIS THEN THAT) programming, providing new layers of safety and security to your home.

No more ambling around in the dark, a mere shout out to your virtual home device can help light your way, illuminating corners to help you find your footing or a lost object. Just a quick voice command can light up an area where you may have heard a ruckus without averting your attention.

You can integrate your front porch lighting with your smart doorbell system using IFTT technology to turn on the lights when the someone approaches, or simply ensure that the doorway is lit when you arrive home late at night through scheduling or group lighting.

Connection to home through STARFISH™ can an extra layer of safety and comfort while providing valuable peace of mind.

STARFISH™ is a SATCO brand