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SATCO SVP, Interview with Furniture Lighting & Decor Editor-in-Chief Diane Falvey

Brian Brandes, Senior Vice President of Product Development for SATCO, talks with Furniture, Lighting & Decor, Editor Diane Falvey about SATCO's Starfish smart lighting solution from a lighting showroom perspective, brining in the creative elements of light change in design, color and light toning that STARFISH offers through its built in features. This comprehensive interview discusses not only the creative elements of a smart home, but the ease of today's technology. ...[Read More]
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Creating Change At Lightovation

SATCO debuted its STARFISHâ„¢ SMART lighting with two full displays of the new brand at LIGHTOVATION this past March. The displays showcased its popular color changing string lamps and bulbs, RGB and tunable white tape lighting in the coves as well as a full array of smart lamps. ...[Read More]

STARFISH™ is a SATCO brand