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SATCO SVP, Interview with Furniture Lighting & Decor Editor-in-Chief Diane Falvey

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Catch Brian Brandes, SVP of Product Development and Marketing for SATCO in his interview with Furniture LIghting & Decor's editor Diane Flavey where they discuss STARFISH and the creative benefits of smart lighting. 

In their discussion, Brian and Diane get into the decorative and creative enhancements in-app feature like white tuning and rgb can bring to your home decor. From color temperature selection to enhanding the deeper hues in your existing decor and artwork, the ability to change your lighting can provide dramtic effects to the decorative landscape. 

Satco's STARFISH offers RGB color changing lights and white tunable lights, dimming effects, light effects, timing and transition setting. Some features are both customizable while others are preset for user convenience.

In addition, the interview covers the ease of owner SATCO's new connected lighting system, including its scalability, the free wifi control app that works with exisiting mobile device users already own and hands free control.  See it here.

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