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Creating Change At Lightovation

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LIGHTOVATION Spring 2021, TM 4942, SATCO made a few new changes to its showroow. In a soft debut to the lighting showroom market two new full displays of the STARFISH™ SMART lighting brand were created to showcase the product introductions and marketing.

The first display showcased the RGB and Tunable White Indoor/Outdoor string lights alongside SATCO's merchandising display, a changable wall display that works with just about any wall configuration. And the second showcase highlighted our lamps, RGB, white tunable and filament, in directional and general service, as well as SATCO's video integrated counter display.

In the ceiling, SATCO's color changing and tunable tape light highlighted the drama and intrigue that these tape lights can bring to cove, undercabinet and niche spaces and  two new lightwalls showcased the voice and mobile device control aspects of the products.

If you missed us this spring, be certain to catch us this June!

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