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Connection and Control at your Fingertips

STARFISH™ smart lighting helps you live life enlightened by providing the convenience and control of smart home living in an easy, scalable, solution that is able to sync with your daily activities in a number of ways.
Through a secure Wi-Fi log in, your STARFISH™ home is controlled on your existing mobile devices. The app works with both Android and iPhone, is free and downloadable straight from the product packaging or our website. No hub is needed.
Once you set up your products, you can group them, create scenes, set automations and get creative.

You can control your home from far away, in case you forgot to turn off a light, or if you want to set the lights for when you come home, you can schedule them to coincide with your routine. Set your STARFISH™ system to integrate with your voice activated devices or IFTT technologies to  make certain the light comes when you call out or  when someone enters the property.
STARFISH™ works with voice control for hands-free operation and pairs with Alexa and Google. Control your lights in an instant, if you need more light to see a step in the dark, or to turn them off when you are going to bed.
Set your lights to work with your schedule. When you wake, and when you go to bed, when you are away. It is all in your control, wherever you are, whenever you are.

STARFISH™ is a SATCO brand